Banned Hashtag Checker

Use our tool below to check if any of your Instagram hashtags are currently banned or not

What are hashtags

Hashtags are a tagging system which lets users find your photos and videos by tags. Without hashtags, it would be impossible to find posts based on your interests. Most social networks are using the hashtag method for tagging content.

Every hashtag on Instagram has its own page dedicated to that hashtag, here you can see the more recent or popular posts which have been tagged.

If any of the hashtags are currently banned, the hashtag page will show up, but the posts will be extremely limited and would only show the top 9 posts from verified accounts. Instagram will choose to hide the recent posts from banned accounts as its most likely a lot of spam, and they don't want to show you this.

Spam accounts and bots target other accounts by using certain hashtags, for example, #like4like but once the hashtag becomes to spammy, Instagram will block that hashtag to protect its users from spam.

What are banned hashtags

As you know already using hashtags on Instagram can increase your posts reach. But what many users don’t know is that using banned hashtags can hurt your engagement significantly. This is because Instagram will flag your account for spam.

When a hashtag gets used a lot by spammers and bots, it will become temporarily or permanently banned depending on the amount of spam.

If you happen to use a banned hashtag, your post will not show up in the hashtag explore page (well probably for you, but not for others). Your post will also be flagged as possible spam, so your reach will decrease significantly.

You can avoid this by knowing which hashtags are currently banned on Instagram, so you know not in include that hashtag in your next post.

How do you know the hashtag is banned

If you want to check if a hashtag is banned or not, you can either use Seekmetrics banned hashtag tool, or go to Instagram and enter the hashtag. If the hashtag page says recent posts from “#thehashtag” are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram’s community guidelines.” then the hashtag is banned. Once you know for certain the hashtag is banned, even if it's just temporarily, do not insert the hashtag in any of your posts or comments.

By taking this step you are avoiding being flagged for spam by Instagram and getting the full potential reach out of all your Instagram posts.