Banned Hashtag Checker

Find out which hashtags are currently banned on Instagram

Frequency Asked Questions

  • What are hashtags?
    Alot of social networks use hashtags as a way to "tag" or describe a post or media. This way its easy for other users to find the content that contain their interests.
  • What are banned hashtags?
    Due to spammers, some hashtags are now considered bad to use for your Instagram posts, so its best to remove all banned hashtags. If you include banned hashtags in your posts, it has been known to impact your impressions and reach.
  • Why are banned hashtags bad?
    Including banned hashtags in your Instagram posts is bad because the alghomitm thinks your post is most likey a spam post, so it limits your post's reach in order to protect others users from spam.
  • How do i check banned hashtags?
    We have a list of all the banned hashtags on Instagram above, which you can also filter by typing your hashtag in the search bar. If a hashtag shows, then it is currently banned and you should remove that from your post.