Instagram Money Calculator

Use our calculator to find out how much money you can earn with Instagram

Frequency asked questions

  • What is Instagram?
    Instagram is a hugh photo sharing app that has over 1 billion users. It was founded in 2010 and sold to Facebook a few years later.
  • How much money can i earn on Instagram?
    Depending on how many Instagram followers you have, you can earn anywhere from $10 - $100,000 per sponsored post. This is why we built the Instagram money calculator to help you figure out how much you could earn.
  • How to make money on Instagram?
    There are lots of ways to make money with Instagram, firstly there is sponsored posts, this is where brands will pay you to talk about their product or service. Another popular way is selling your own merchandise via an online store, a good choise for this is using Shopify. If you are in the model niche, alot of users are earning alot with onlyfans.
  • How does the Instagram money calculator work?
    Select how many followers you have, your average likes, comments and views and the calculator will work out your earning potential. Potential earnings are based on number of followers and your engagement rate, so we give you 2 estimates with range from the lowest to highest earnings per post.
  • How can i grow on Instagram?
    Keep posting interesting and high engaging content, interest with your followers by answering questions, DM's etc. Don't try and monise too early, wait until you have built a strong brand, then start monitising.