Social media insights, competitor analytics and reporting

Our tool lets your measure content performance, improve engagement and compare both your own and competitors account

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Insights on ANY user

you can get analytics on any account, whether it's your own, clients or competitors

Measure Performance

you can analyze your posts and identify your top content, see what is working and what to improve

Improve Engagement

discover the hashtags your competitors are using to build their audience and get the most engagements


we provide a variety of important metrics all grouped by day, week and month. You can also compare metrics against other metrics to see how they compare

Filter Content

you can not only see all your content, but you can filter it using our 10+ filters. Some of the filters include hashtags, mentions, post type, day of post and much more

Compare Competitors

you can compare until 4 users at once, and get an overview of any metric such as engagement, likes, comments etc. See which users are winning

Export Data

we know you love data, so we made it simple to export any analytics into either PDF, CSV and XLS

Social Networks


    • Social Networks

    • Searches per day

    • Posts per user

    • Compare Users

    • Reports per day

    • Basic

    • $9/monthly

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    • Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

    • Unlimited

    • 30 Days/1000 Posts

    • 1

    • Professional

    • $49/monthly

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    • Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

    • Unlimited

    • 180 Days/5000 Posts

    • 5

    • Enterprise

    • $99/monthly

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    • Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

    • Unlimited

    • 360 Days/5000 Posts

    • 20

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