Youtube Money Calculator

Use our calculator to find out how much money you can earn with Youtube

Frequency asked questions

  • What is Youtube?
    Youtube is a video sharing platform and is currently owned and run by Google.
  • How can you make money with Youtube?
    Youtube has a partner program, this lets you monitize all your videos with ads. Every ad that is clicked, you will make a small percentage.
  • How does the Youtube money calculator work?
    The calculator gives you an estimated Youtube earnings based of the engagement rate that in calculated based on your Likes and Views etc.
  • Are these calculation accurate?
    This calculator is used for an estimated earnings, as every Youtube channel is different and their CPM could be lower or higher depening on alot of factors.
  • How do i get more views on Youtube?
    Try and great content that is highly engaging, a good thumbnail will help too. Another tip if you are just starting out is to get users from outside of the Youtube platform, for example adding your video to Reddit.