Social Share Checker

Find out the number of social shares a website has recieved

Frequency Asked Questions

  • What are social shares?
    A social share is when a user shares your website url on social media via a post, tweet etc. So social shares is all the social shares from every social networking site into one count, this is known as the social share count.
  • Why are social shares important?
    Social shares play a huge role with SEO, so if you want to rank higher in google, you need to have lots of organic social shares.
  • How do i check social shares?
    You can use our tool by entering a website url, and clicking the search icon. It will then check your website url and count all the social shares from different social media websites and return the count.
  • How do i get more social shares?
    Asking your users to share the website with their friends helps alot, or creating interesting and shareable content.
  • How does the social share checker work?
    Our tool checks the website URL against facebook, twitter and pinterest and returns the social share count.