TikTok Engagment Calculator

Use our calculator to find out what your engagement rate is on Tiktok

Frequency asked questions

  • What is Tiktok?
    Tiktok is a video sharing social network, that used to be called musically. Its became very popular recently and is mainly used by teenages and young adults.
  • How does the Tiktok engagement calculator work?
    The calculator works out your engagement rate by adding up your views, likes and comments and divide this by your follower count. You will be shown 2 figures, this is your min engagement ratr and max engagement rate.
  • How is Tiktok engagement rate calculated?
    The Tiktok engagement rate formula is the following (likes + comments + views) / followers.
  • How can i increase my Tiktok engagement?
    Try to make content that keeps the users attention, as the algorithm will share your video more if it keeps users engaged.