Instagram Engagement Calculator

Use our calculator to find out your Instagram engagement rate

Frequency asked questions

  • How does the calculator work?
    The calculator gets your min/max views, likes and comments and divides them by your follower count. This will give you your average engagement rate.
  • What is Instagram engagement rate?
    Instagram engagement rate is a metric that is made up of the following formula (likes + comments + views) / follower count.
  • What is a good Instagram engagement rate?
    if your rate is < 1%, then this is pretty bad, you want to aim for 5% - 10% engagement. Smaller accounts will have a higher engagement rate than larger ones.
  • How do i get more engagement on Instagram?
    Make great content and aim for getting more likes and comments. Start replying to your comments, ask questions in your caption to start a conversation, as you want to make user interact with your content.