Most Followers on Instagram Ranked (Updated June 2020)

We have put together a list of the most followed users on Instagram. The most followed user on Instagram is @Instagram, with a whopping 345 million+ followers.

Rank Username Country Profession Followers
1 Instagram United States Social media platform 344,000,000+
2 Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Footballer 214,000,000+
3 Ariana Grande United States Musician 182,000,000+
4 Dwayne Johnson United States Actor 180,000,000+
5 Selena Gomez United States Musician 174,000,000+
6 Kylie Jenner United States Reality Star 171,000,000+
7 Kim Kardashian United States Reality Star 166,000,000+
8 Lionel Messi Argentina Footballer 148,000,000+
9 Beyoncé United States Musician 145,000,000+
10 Neymar Brasil Footballer 138,000,000+
11 National Geographic United States Magazine 134,000,000+
12 Justin Bieber Canada Musician 133,000,000+
13 Taylor Swift United States Musician 131,000,000+
14 Kendall Jenner United States Reality Star 127,000,000+
15 Jennifer Lopez United States Musician 119,000,000+
16 Nicki Minaj Trinidad and Tobago Musician 113,000,000+
17 Nike United States Sportswear Brand 109,000,000+
18 Khloé Kardashian United States Reality Star 108,000,000+
19 Miley Cyrus United States Musician 107,000,000+
20 Katy Perry United States Musician 94,000,000+
21 Kourtney Kardashian United States Reality 90,000,000+
22 Kevin Hart United States Comedian 89,000,000+
23 Ellen DeGeneres United States Comedian 87,000,000+
24 Real Madrid CF Spain Football club 86,000,000+
25 FC Barcelona Spain Football club 85,000,000+
26 Rihanna Barbados Musician 81,000,000+
27 Demi Lovato United States Musician 80,000,000+
28 Victoria's Secret United States Lingerie brand 69,000,000+
29 Zendaya United States Actress 68,000,000+
30 Shakira Colombia Musician 66,000,000+
31 Drake Canada Musician 65,000,000+
32 Chris Brown United States Musician 64,000,000+
33 LeBron James United States Basketball player 63,000,000+
34 Vin Diesel United States Actor 62,000,000+
35 Cardi B United States Musician 62,000,000+
36 David Beckham United Kingdom Footballer 62,000,000+
37 Billie Eilish United States Musician 61,000,000+
38 Justin Timberlake United States Musician 58,000,000+
39 UEFA Champions League Europe Football Club 58,000,000+
40 NASA United States Space agency 56,000,000+
41 Emma Watson United Kingdom Actress 56,000,000+
42 Shawn Mendes Canada Musician 56,000,000+
43 Virat Kohli India Cricketer 55,000,000+
44 Gigi Hadid United States Model 52,000,000+
45 Priyanka Chopra Jonas India Actress 52,000,000+
46 9GAG China Social media platform 52,000,000+
47 Ronaldinho Brasil Footballer 51,000,000+
48 Maluma Colombia Musician 50,000,000+
49 Camila Cabello Cuba Musician 49,000,000+
50 NBA United States Basketball Club 47,000,000+

As you can see, the majority of these top Instagram accounts are based in the United States with a profession of Musician.

Another surprising fact about the top 50 Instagram accounts is that only 2 are big brands, the rest are mostly individual users like actors or musicians and a few Football clubs.

So what makes these most followed Instagram accounts special? Well, every single account is either an already famous person like an actor or musician or they are a huge corporation worth billions. These top 50 Instagram accounts are also not "Instagram famous", they simply use this platform as a way to share their lives with their fans or to show their brand.

How can I get more followers on Instagram? You first need to choose as to what type of account you want, do you want to be an influencer or do you want a brand. Then you need content that is very unique and hard to replicate, for example, an artist could draw something amazing, but the average people who see this and whats to copy it would have a hard time. But if you did a photo of a fidget spinner, there is nothing unique about that post. Once you find your unique side, simply keep posting and engaging with your followers, and you never know, one day you might make my "Top 50 most Instagram follower" list.

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