Trending Twitter Hashtags

Find out what hashtags are currently trending on Twitter and in which country

Frequency asked questions

  • What are trending hashtags?
    On Twitter when a hashtag starts getting tweets alot in a short period of time, then this is know as trending. Our tool gets all the trending hashtags every hour and makes it easy to research each day and what hashtags were currently trending.
  • Can i export the hashtags?
    Yes, you can export the hashtags for a given day by clicking the "Export Hashtags" button and a .csv file will begin to download.
  • Is this free to use?
    Yes, totally free!
  • How do i change the country of hashtags?
    We get the trending hashtags for most countries, you can change this by clicking the dropdown that says "worldwide" and selecing a country you want. The table will refresh with trending hashtags for that choosen country.
  • What is worldwide?
    Worldwide is the default view, this gets all the latest trending hashtags and doesnt filter it by country. So worldwide is all countries in one.