Trending Twitter Hashtags

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What are hashtags

Hashtags are a tagging system used to identify posts so it becomes searchable. A few social networks use hashtags including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

What are trending hashtags

Trending hashtags happen when thousands of users start tweeting and including the same hashtag. This might only happen in a certain region depending on which location the tweet came from. If tweets are from all over the world, then the hashtag has become trending worldwide.

Worldwide trending hashtags are when the tweets are from all over the world, not just in one location. For example, if 1000 tweets include the hashtag “#nycrocks” and they were all posted from New York, then the hashtag “#nycrocks” would become trending in New York.

Trending topics is when an article or link or news is being tweeted thousands of times. Trending topics are also location-based and they also become worldwide trending if the user's tweets are all over the world.

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How to export trending hashtags

All hashtags are downloadable, simply choose the date and region and then click the “Export Hashtags” button. This will download all the hashtags into a CSV file, we also don’t limit the number of downloads.