Free Instagram Analytics

Get a 30 day overview for your business instagram accounts

What is Instagram Analytics

Seekmetrics free Instagram analytics tool gives users the ability to get 30 days of analytics from any Instagram account they manage.

We will show you the top posts from the past 30 days, and even their top 5 stories from the past 24 hours

All the data you see in the Instagram analytics tool is downloadable and 100% free to use.


Twitter Engagement Rate

Twitter engagement rate is calculated based on the number of retweets, quoted count, reply count and likes for every tweet then divided by the number of posts in the date period. As we only have access to the most recent follower count, this engagement rate is an estimate.

Tweet engagement rate = (num of retweets + num of likes + num of quoted + num of replies) / followers * 100

How to use Twitter Analytics Tool

You first need to connect your Twitter account with our Seekmetrics Twitter app, this is so we can get your access token and use the Twitter API. Once you have connected your Twitter account, you simply enter any public Twitter username in the search bar and hit enter. If the username is valid and public, we will return the aggregated Twitter analytics from the past 30 days.

We then break down all the Twitter analytics into readable metrics and charts, you can filter through all the tweets in the table and download all the Twitter data into CSV file.

Twitter Stats Breakdown

Daily Breakdown - This chart shows all the likes, retweets etc and the number of tweets totalled for that day.

Frequent Hashtags - This shows your most frequently used hashtags and how many times they appear in tweets.

Frequent Mentions - This shows your most frequently used mentions (the user you have tagged in the tweet) and how many times they appear in tweets.

Frequency Domains - Your most frequently used URL posted in the tweets

Tweets - A table displaying all the tweet data including likes, retweets etc

How to connect your Twitter account

To get Twitter analytics you need to connect your Twitter account to our Twitter app. When you enter a username a popup will appear showing a connect to twitter button. Click this button and you will be taken to Twitter, once you accept our app, you will be redirected back to the website and you can use the tool.