Banned Instagram Hashtag Checker

Find out if any of your Hashtags are currently banned on Instagram

What are Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are used on Instagram to simple explan what the photo represents. Adding relevant Hashtags to your posts is very important, as this will get your post more exposure being on the Hashtag explore page.

If you are struggling to find Hashtags for you caption, we have a auto hashtag tool for this.

Instagram recommends you add upto 30 Hashtags per post, anymore than this and Instagram considers your post to be spammy.

Are banned Instagram Hashtags bad?

Banned Instagram Hashtags can really hurt your posts engagement success, as no users will be able to find you using that particular hashtag. Instagram might also shadow ban your post if they suspect your post to be spam.

Seekmetrics Banned Instagram Hashtag Checker makes it easy to check if any of your hashtags are banned or not.

How do i use Banned Instagram Hashtag Tool?

Copy all your hashtags into a list, for example "#dog #cat #mountain" and paste them in the textarea. After the tool finishes, it will show you which Hashtags are currently banned on Instagram. You should remove these from your post caption and replace them with none banned Hashtags.

You can check upto 100 Hashtags at once, but remember to keep your captions hashtags to about 30 for the best results.