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We find your top performing Instagram posts and display them in fun collages for you too share.

  • Instagram Business/Creator accounts only.


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How it works

It take just 30 seconds for our tool to find all your best posts and turn them
into creative collages.

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Get started by connecting to your business Instagram account via Facebook.

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After the tool finds all your best posts, you can choose your favourite collage design.

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All new subscriptions come with a 7 day money back guarantee.


  • Unlimited Accounts
  • 20+ Templates
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Frequency Asked Questions

  • What are Instagram top moments?
    The top Instagram moment tool looks at all your posts from the past year and filters to find the ones with the most likes. We then display these top posts into creative collages, which you can choose your favourite. Once you like your new collage, simple download your image and share it with your Instagram followers.
  • How does this compare too the top nine app?
    Top nine app is quite similar in that it finds your top performing posts from the past year and display them in a collage. However we have over 20 templates too choose from, whereas they have 1. We also let you see your top moments from the past year, month and week. We also don't limit the amount of Instagram accounts you use.
  • How do i connect my Instagram account?
    In order to use this tool, you need to have a business/creator Instagram account type. When you make your Instagram into a business account, you have to connect to a Facebook Page. When you click the "Connect" button, you will be redirected to Facebook and you have to select your Facebook page and the Instagram account that is connected to it. We will then be able to find all your Instagram media and like count.
  • What payment methods do you offer?
    No. You are totally free to share or edit them.
  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?
    Yes! If you do find it useful, a tweet about the tool would be great :)