Increase your Youtube video views by 20%

Youtube is huge, and with over 2 billion users on their website, its extremely difficult to be seen. If you are a Youtuber, you have probably spent hours on your video, only for it to be seen by very few users. This is probably your fault (I know, crazy right) as you didn't take advantage of the title, description and youtube tags. This is known as Youtube SEO, and when you do this correctly, your video views will start to increase.

What is Youtube SEO

If you're not familiar with Youtube SEO (search engine optimisation), it's a way to optimize your search result listing. The on-page SEO is made up of the video title, description and tags. Backlinks and other metrics come into play too, but if you don't optimize your video correctly it will never be seen in the search results.

Ideally, if you're a small Youtube creator you will rely on being found in the search results, then as you grow you can start to relay on subscribers and Youtube recommendations algorithm. This is why you must get the on-page SEO perfect for the best chance of being found on Youtube.

Keyword Research & Keyword Tools

To get the most out of your SEO we need to do some keyword research, this is so we know what keywords to target and which to avoid. There are a few websites to use for generating Youtube tags and keywords, these include, TubeBuddy and VidIQ.

Let's begin and open up and enter your main keyword, so for example, if your video is about "iphone 11 unboxing" then your main keywords are "iphone 11" and "iphone 11 unboxing". results

Now once you have chosen your related keywords, I would suggest picking about 10 - 15 related keywords that make sense to your video content.

Make the Youtube title better

The title and description are super important as this is the first thing the user reads along since your thumbnail. You must include your main keyword in your title and at least one related keyword from our list.

Titles need to be quite clickbaity but accurate, so instead of using a generic title like "iphone 11 unboxing" you have to make the user want to click on it. Here are some great examples for better Youtube titles

"This is why the iphone 11 will fail... | Iphone 11 Unboxing | Iphone 11 Pro Max"

"New *PURPLE* iPhone 11 unboxing & setup | FIRST IMPRESSIONS!!"

"I bought the new iphone 11, lets unbox it | Amazing camera quality"

As you can see, these examples are not lying to the user, but they force curiosity on them, which will result in more clicks to your video.

Smash the Youtube description

You should think of the Youtube description as an article version of your video, this should include at least 600 words and include your main keywords and all your related ones. Don't just add the words if they don't make sense to the other content, this part can be tricky at first but worth it in the end.

Final tips for descriptions are to make sure you spell check everything and also add a few external links such as Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia etc

Tag your video

Youtube has a feature called Youtube tags which are used to tag what your video is about. This helps the algorithm know how relevant a video is to another video. Take your keywords from earlier and add them all in, that's it. Quite a simple but important step in increasing your Youtube video SEO.

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