Easy ways to get more likes on your next Instagram post

We all want a few more likes on our Instagram posts right? Well here are a few ways you can get some of that extra engagement.

1. Ask for likes using hashtags

You can include hashtags such as #like4like #like4comment #like4likes etc. Other users wanting some likes will search this hashtag and like your post, but don't forget to return the favour and like back!

2. Start tweeting your Instagram posts

If you tweet all your Instagram posts, and add even more relevant hashtags in Twitter, you can drive some users from Twitter to Instagram.

3. Add your post to Pinterest

Pinterest is still a massive website with millions of users search for pins and boards daily. Simply add your post as a pin and watch the users come in.

4. Add your Instagram post in some Quora answers

Quora has the ability to drive a fair bit of traffic as long as its relevant to the question. So for example if someone is asking about a specific dress and you have posted this on Instagram, add the post in your answer.

5. Boost your Instagram Post

Instagram has some great tools for boosting your posts using Ad manager. Even if you spend $10 on a post, this could give you a return of a few hundred new likes and followers.

6. Ask your friends and family

Don't be afraid to ask all your friends and family to like your posts.

7. Join an Instagram engagement group

I personally don't agree with these types of groups, but you basically like a group of people photos and they like back. But this is very time consuming, i personally recommend just boosting your posts.

8. Start liking a bunch of photos

On Instagram you can search for a specific hashtag and find all the latest posts, from there you can go and like them all, most users will give a like back or even a follow.