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Youtube Analytics

Get insights on any Youtube channel, measure performance, daily tracking, reporting and more!

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We measure the engagement by looking at likes, dislikes, comments and views on the given posts.

Daily performance

Daily overview including posts per day and average engagement

Top Posts

Find out your top posts by either engagement, likes, dislikes, comments or views

Interactions per day

Daily overview of interactions which include likes, dislikes, comments or views

Daily Engagement Rate

Find out the engagement rate recieved per day

Engagement By Day

Average engagement rate based on the days of the week


Find out what reactions are recieved the most

Top Hashtags by Engagements

Find out what hashtags are in the most engaged posts

Growth Rate

we measure the previous date range, then we compare to measure the growth rate

Key Metrics per Day/Post

Key metrics such as average likes, max comments


we deliver a range of optimization data in easy-to-read charts and graphs, helping you create engaging posts.

Optimal Post Length

Check out the length of the post description


Discover the impact of the hashtag, related hashtags and more

Number of Hashtags

See how many hashtags are being used

Frequent Mentions

Discover the impact of the mentions used

Frequent Post Types

Find out what post types are being used the most


Keeping track of your follower growth is made easy with Seekmetrics.

Follower History

We can get the follower history for any profile

Tracked Daily

Seekmetrics tracks all your profiles for you

Follower Metrics

Find out your growth, max growth, average per day


We analyze all the content and the interactions received to optimize your performance.


Search though all the content for keywords


Sort all the content by likes, dislikes, comments and views

Top Posts

Find what posts are performing the best


With one-click exports, you can export your data into CSV, XLS, JSON and PDF formats.

Schedule Exports

You can setup daily, weekly and monthly scheduled reports

Raw Data Formats

You can choose between CSV, XLS and JSON for getting raw data.

White Label PDF's

You can now white-label our PDF's to suit your brand.